Corn Maze Fun for the Whole Family

Entering the Corn Maze

Wow...I had always wanted to go to a corn maze. So on my last trip to Upper Michigan that was my goal. I did some looking and found one located in Rock MI.

Where is Rock do you ask? Well it is located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Just 36 minutes NE of Escanaba MI.

So we decided to go to Hayes Corn Maze on Saturday October 29th. They have a different theme every year and this year was Mount Rushmore.

The weather was all you can expect for that time of the year. Rain, sleet, windy and cold. Much to our surprise once we were in the corn maze it was very pleasant.

We really had a wonderful time and did make a day of it. The older girls went off on their merry way and the rest of us went off to find our way through the corn maze. There are 10 different punch stations located within the maze for you to find. If you find all 10 there is a prize for you at the end of your visit.

We were lucky enough to find all 10, with some help from the older girls. It took us just over a hour, mission complete. Now to find our way out of the corn maze.

Lost in the corn maze

Now there are several easy outs, but I was determined to find the end. The older girls kept telling me I was lost and going the wrong way. I kept telling them I have a very good sense of direction. But they still kept telling me i was lost. Well much to their surprise I did find the right way out and got to tell them I told you so.

When you exit the corn maze you enter this huge pumpkin patch, where you are able to pick your own pumpkin. The kids thought this was great. Amber and Raeann each picked a mid-size pumpkin, Aaron on the other hand had to have the biggest one he could find. So off my sister went to get a wagon so we could carry our new found treasures with us to our next stop.

Our next stop was the hayride. It took us out past the corn maze and another pumpkin patch. We ended up stopping by a pond where there were a few horses and a lama. They were ice cream cones filled with feed (.25 cents each) to offer to them. Boy did they know what they were getting. They were right there bucking their feet and trying to get all of them.

We all got to try our hand at the pumpkin slinger. This is a big sling shot located by the pond, you get three tries to sling a gourd out into the pond to see if you can hit the tire that is floating out there. None of us were successful at this but it was sure fun trying.

Feeding the horses

After our hayride we were going to check out the hay-bail maze. It was themed no left turn... which just confused me so I decided to head for the barn to see what was in there.

Beeburr, Lilbean & Bobo... The kids

There was several neat animals inside for us to see. I thought this little fellow was cute, I told my nephew to pet him but he said "No way Auntie"


This little guy really did enjoy getting his picture taken and we enjoyed him.

Goose & Bunny

Well after our visit to the barn we decided it was time to gather up our prize pumpkins. So we said our good byes to the rest of the animals and off we went.


Mini Horse

We returned to the warm comfort of our home and the next day we got our pumpkins out and did some carvings. Well the kids did and they turned out pretty darn good.

We did find out that the evening of the 29th they had a Haunted Maze. Not sure how that was but we hope to find out next year.

My lilttle pumpkins

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